Micro nano bubble water

This review article organizes the studies conducted on the areas of microbubbles and nano bubbles with a special emphasis on water treatment.

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The basic definitions of bubble types and their size ranges are also presented based on the explanations of different researchers. The characterization parameters with state-of-the-art measuring and analysis techniques of micro-bubble and nanobubble technologies are summarized. Some major applications of these technologies in water-treatment processes are reviewed and briefly discussed.

Based on the reviews, various potential areas for research and bubble application gaps in water and wastewater treatment technologies are identified for further study. The article is prepared in such a way that it provides a step-by-step acquaintance to the subject matter with the objective of focusing on the application of microbubbles and nano bubbles in water-treatment technology. Operations that involve phase changes are largely applicable in environmental, agricultural, healthcare, chemical or industrial and energy fields.

Among the phase-related processes, gas—liquid operations are often applied in wastewater and water treatment technologies, aquatic system restoration, food processing industries, aqua farming, and chemical as well as petrochemical industries. The efficiency of most gas—liquid processes are affected by different design and operational parameters, types of contacting operations, and the properties of contacting fluids.

In the basic theoretical phase mass-transfer theories, an increase in the contact-surface area is one of the major factors that contribute towards an improvement in the process performance. Moreover, mixer design, packing column materials, tray and baffle type structures, spray methods, injection nozzles, and sparger-type designs, are other parameters that play an important role in enhancing either the heat and mass transfer or reaction-surface areas between the contacting phases.

In the past two decades, many researchers have been focusing on microbubbles MBs and nano bubbles NBs as a way of improving the efficiency of gas—liquid phase processes. Most studies focused on the generation methods, measuring techniques, and characterization of fine and ultra fine bubble categories. Recently, few studies revealed the possibility of scale-up and application of MB and NB application at industrial levels.

Based on some preliminary results, most researchers suggested that MB and NB applications in water-treatment technologies have great potential.

Limited efforts have been made on collecting and preparing a well organized, comprehensive report of the researches done in the areas of MBs and NBs with respect to water-treatment technologies. In addition, existing studies have some discrepancies and vague boundaries, particularly in defining the range of bubble category. In this comprehensive review, extensive effort was made to reduce such discrepancies and provide concise information regarding the current condition of MB and NB applications in water treatment.

micro nano bubble water

In the review, a step wise approach was followed while addressing general to specific issues of MB and NB applications in water-treatment technologies. Different types of bubbles are defined, and a range of bubble sizes is proposed for each type based on the common properties presented in different studies.

micro nano bubble water

The general MB and NB generation techniques that were previously proposed are summarized to discuss the major bubble characterization parameters, existing measurement methods and characterization techniques. The focus of this review is to extensively summarize the current status of MBs and NBs in water-treatment technologies, reveal existing research gaps and address future application scope of this technology in the field.

Application of MBs and NBs in water-treatment technology has been recently gaining attention. It has been reported that MBs and NBs can detoxify contaminated water by catalyzing the reactions of chemicals, thereby improving the efficiency of the chemical treatment process.Gen in contact with us if you are interested in distributing or reselling our products in your region.

Find the range of Micro Nano Bubble generators from very small to huge to suite your application. We have successfully provided our micro nano bubble generators to many OEM and application developers in various fields. Micro Nano Bubbles rises very slowly to the surface and remains longer time in liquid body.

Gives longer contact time. By using MBs, the dissolution rate increases rapidly. Micro Nano Bubbles are self contracting in liquid body and at the time of bursting they generates ultrasonic waves releasing huge amount of sonic waves.

Micro Nano bubbles shows negative zeta potential and their surface is negatively charged. With complete automation control panel for timer based on off operation and complete unmanned Operation. Oil production involves several operations that generate environmental impact. One of them is the necessary separation, before marketing, of the water that comes associated to the oil. Volume and composition of production water depend specifically on the reservoir from which it comes.

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Traditionally, API separators and corrugated plates are used to carry out the treatment;…. The key disruptive technology for today and future to reduce global water issues. The health of our waters is the principal measure of how we live on the land. In this century wars will not be fought over oil, as in the past, but over water. The situation is becoming desperate. There is no more fresh water on earth than two thousand years ago when the population was three percent of its current size.

Even without the inevitable droughts, like the current one, it will get worse as demand and pollution increase. Some countries will simply run out of water, sparking a global refugee crisis. Tens of millions of people will flood across international borders.

It means the collapse of fisheries, environmental destruction, conflict, lower living standards. As people who deal with the ocean you must see the irony. We are facing a shortage on a planet whose surface is covered two-thirds with water.

Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy.Micro nano bubble technology applied to aeration in water treatment is an efficient and environmental protection water treatment technology developed in recent years. Compared with ordinary large bubbles, micro nano bubbles have unique physical and chemical characteristics, such as large specific surface area, surface charge, long time in water, high gas-liquid mass transfer rate, high interface point, spontaneous generation of free radicals.

In water treatment, it is often used to remove suspended solids, oxidize and decompose refractory organic pollutants, promote biological activity by reoxygenation, reduce the internal pollution of sediment and so on.

The effects of micro nano bubble technology on improving water quality through aeration in the treatment of black and odorous rivers include:. Due to the charge on the surface of the micro-nano bubbles and the high zeta potential, they have a superior adsorption effect on the oil and suspended solids in the sewage, thereby reducing the organic matter in the water, significantly increasing the transparency of the water body and improving the water color.

When the micro nano bubbles are aerated in the polluted anoxic water area, with the consumption of dissolved oxygen in the bubbles, the active oxygen is added to the water continuously, which can enhance the biological activities of aerobic microorganisms, plankton and aquatic animals, accelerate the biodegradation process of pollutants in water and sediment, and realize the purpose of water purification. In order to promote microbubbles to produce more hydroxyl radicals in water, other strong oxidation methods, such as ultraviolet, pure oxygen and ozone, are often used to enhance the oxidation and decomposition of organic pollutants in wastewater.

Micro nano bubble aeration increases the oxygen content of the surface layer of the bottom of rivers and lakes, and strengthens the metabolic activity of aerobic microorganisms, which effectively inhibits the decomposition process of organic matter by anaerobic bacteria at the bottom of the lake, reduces the release of nitrogen as well as phosphorus nutrients at the bottom, and blocks endogenous pollution.

About Edon. The effects of micro nano bubble technology on improving water quality through aeration in the treatment of black and odorous rivers include: 1 Absorption and removal of suspended solids in sewage.

News Company News Industry News.Water Supply 1 September ; 20 6 : — Currently, there is a growing demand for water treatment technologies considering global environmental challenges such as degradation and depletion of water resources.

Micro- and nanobubble MNB technology and its application for wastewater treatment has emerged as a problem-solving alternative for such challenges. This paper reviews the important studies on water treatment in the areas of MNBs and discusses their fundamental properties, such as bubble stability as tiny entities in water solutionsgeneration methods, and various chemical and physical features. The paper further overviews the current status of MNB application in water treatment processes such as flotation, aeration, and disinfection and its uses in various sectors, including agriculture, aquaculture, medical, and industry.

Based on this review, studies regarding MNBs' basic properties, generation, and application are identified and recognized for future research. This study concludes that despite the promising role of MNBs in water-related application, the current status of research has not reached its true potential. Specifically, there is a need to enhance MNB application at a broader scale.

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Global economic development cannot be separated from water resources. Currently, in many developing countries, water resources are facing extreme challenges such as water scarcity, imbalances in the water distribution and production model, low efficiency of water use, droughts, and other environmental problems Khan et al.

Further, the increasing amount of wastewater caused by rapid urbanization and industrialization has significantly increased the challenges of both water availability and quality Kivaisi Therefore, the treatment and recycling of wastewater are increasingly needed to ensure the sufficient availability of water. Generally, biological methods, such as activated sludge, have been used to treat the pollutants from both industrial and domestic waste water Terasaka et al.

However, such methods have disadvantages such as high energy costs and result in an abundant amount of solid waste, creating an additional cost to dispose of the produced waste Orel et al. Therefore, there is dire need to develop a water treatment technology that can effectively address the increasing challenges of water scarcity sustainably.

In such a scenario, micro- and nanobubbles MNBs have emerged as a useful technology to be used in water treatment. MNBs are tiny bubbles with diameters of nanometres and micrometres having several unique physical properties that make them useful for water treatments Xiaoli et al.

For instance, their unique property of having large surface area enables an efficient mass transfer process between the liquid and gas phases, which helps to facilitate chemical reactions Bouaifi et al.

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Such processes lead to the collapse of the MNB, which produces shock waves in the water, generating OH radicals as a result Khuntia et al. The water treatment processes, such as electroflotation and dissolved air flotation, generally make use of MNBs Miettinen et al. Further, due to the enormous feasibility, MNB-based water treatments are being applied in various sectors, including industry and agriculture Serizawa During recent years, research on MNBs for water-related applications has significantly increased, considering their feasibility as a sustainable technology for water treatment Tsai et al.

Despite a wide range of studies and experimental evidence, the use and application of MNBs for water treatment is still limited. This study, in this regard, is designed to present an overview of existing literature on micro—nanobubbles and their use in water-related applications. This study will provide insights into recent developments and the status of research on MNBs and highlight future trends regarding the use of MNBs. The paper is divided into seven sections, beginning with the introduction as the first section.

The second section explains the basic properties of MNBs. Similarly, major water treatment processes and MNB use and applications in various sectors are discussed in the fourth and fifth sections, respectively. Sections six and seven provide future scope and conclusions, respectively.

Generally, water bubbles can be categorized into three major types, i. These bubbles quickly rise to the surface of a liquid and collapse.To browse Academia. Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Aman Jain. Download PDF.

A short summary of this paper. Figure 1: The rate of rise of microbubbles in still water as a function of bubble diameter based on studies of microbubble populations generated by a single stage, [1] Nanobubble take far longer time to rise and burst in to the atmosphere.

There are various micro and nano bubble generators that generates the micro and nano bubble directly.

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Fig 2 shows the scheme of micro bubble generater one of the most efficient methos of generating energy efficient micro and nano bubble water is fluidic osciillation. Forces and EffectsThere are various forces acting in the solution containing the micro and nano bubble water. Fig 3 shows attractive force between two hydrophobic surface radius 1mm in water [14].

Fig [4] shows repidly decaying repulsion before the onset of long range attraction conforming the presence of nano bubble on the hydrophobic surface [15]. The steps in the attractive force at long range measured between macroscopic radius 2 mmhydrophobic surfaces in water that led to the original idea that nanobubbles existed on such surfaces and that their bridging was responsible for the hydrophobic attraction.


The line is a thermodynamic calculation of the force 4tted with six bridging bubbles. It floats to the water surface at the rate of 0. Virus consist of a protective coating of protien. When protien consisting of carbon and hydrogen bond meets oxygen the aerobic bacteria consume oxygen and grows while the anaerobic bacteria due to oxidation produces carbon-dioxide and water.

As the micro and nano bubble rises at the rate of 0. When water falls and hits the water reserviour, the water deposited contain positive charge while the fine water bubbles is negetively charged. These negetively charged bubbles sticks with dust particles abd produce anion dust. The anion has various advantages like it purifies polluted air and remives odour, purifies blood, prevent aging and vitalises cells etc.

Many bubbles burst before reaching the surface. When the nano bubble burst they produce 40khz supersonic waves, sound pressure of db and instant heat of degree celcius is generated which can be used for various medical purposes.

Nanobubble StabilityThere exist a strong objection to the existence of nanobubble. Phil attard [1] reconside the laplase young equation for the existemce of the nano bubble with the experimental evidence. There are two hypothesis for the stability of the nano bubble. First one considering the laplase equation is that the convexity of nano bubble preculdes them from being in equillibrium with the atmosphere shown in figure 5.

Another hypothesis is that the micro and nano bubble is in equillibrium with the super saturated solution [1].

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Troughout the experiment the surface tension of the planer interface were used. Since beyond several molecular diameters in radius the curvature corrections are negligible [17].

micro nano bubble water

Apart from over estimation of height of the barrier classical theory is quite accurate at small radii. According to classical theory drop will grow without a bound where as according to the present theory it reaches a stable radius of at equillibrium with vapour [1]. Supersaturation, earlier consider as key to nano bubble stability [18] [19], is only the requirement [20].

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Application of Micro Nano Bubble Technology in Aeration of Water Treatment

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micro nano bubble water

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